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The AWS Oily Waste Polisher is designed for use after an Oil/Water Separator, but can be used as a stand-alone. It is a barrier against oil and other hydrocarbons remaining in wastewater.

Filters are also available for purchase separately

Once wastewater has run through an oil-water separator (OWS), that wastewater still needs to be polished. This process completely removes or reduces the size of oil droplets. Our Oily Waste Polisher (OWP) functions as a flooded housing trickle-down unit. The filters within it pull hydrocarbons from wastewater. Users can use the Oily Water Polisher as a stand-alone oily waste water filtration unit.

The housing contains nine filter canisters in parallel or series configuration. It is ready to install when we ship it. Canisters are easy to change via three hatch covers on top of the polisher housing. You can also buy replacement canisters as a stand-alone.

Looking for a more rugged berm? Frame-Supported Insta-Berm!

NSN Description
1905-01-154-1191 Marine Oily Waste Polisher (OWP)
4330-01-456-7159 Single Filter Element (OWP)
4330-01-553-0400 Filter Elements, Set of 9.


Flow rate 10GPM
Time of Residence 3 Minutes
Filter Media PLFM (AWS patented petro‐lok filter media)
Operating Pressure 0-25 PSI (50 PSI tested)
Weight with Filters, Dry 1052 lbs.
Construction Fusion bond epoxy-coated mild steel
Hardware Stainless steel
Fittings 1-1/2" FPT inlet/outlet, 1" FPT drains, 1" auxiliary

Performance standards

@ 100 PPM* Fats, Oil, Grease (FOG) Input

Flow rate Output
10GPM 1½ PPM for 120 hours (72,000 gallons)
5GPM No‐detect (EPA 602 < 0.5 PPB) for 150 hours (45,000 gallons), whether emulsified or free product, nonpolar FOG

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