Ride-Side Berm<sup>™</sup>

Ride-Side Berm

Category: Spill Prevention

The Ride-Side berms helps site operators ensure that their secondary containment requirements are met, even when it comes to large and hard-to-contain vehicles. The drive-in drive-out design needs very little human intervention and is available in multiple options.

Vehicle containment for the toughest customers

We designed the Ride-Side berm with large vehicles in mind. Its collapsible walls allow vehicles to enter and exit without manual assistance. It is ideal for fuel transfer area containment or temporary secondary containment around tanker trucks. The tough, rugged design excels in toughest environments. It is available in a choice of fabrics: Chem-shield fabric or Arctic Shield fabric. It also comes with the option of eyelet patches on the exterior, for added security. Ride-Side’s collapsible entrance and exit walls easily withstand the heaviest wheeled and tracked vehicles while containing leaking vehicle fluids or other hazardous materials. Collapsible hands-free flotation walls allow vehicles to repeatedly enter and exit the berm without manual setup. We use a durable foam inside the end walls. These end walls float when the berm is filled with water. As with all of our berms, the Ride-Side Berm meets EPA regulation 40CFR112.7.

Vehicles can often have their wheels and tires contaminated by toxic substances that it must drive through. Wheels then carry residue into the environment. Therefore, site operators need to be sure that they take the same precautions against this as other potential causes of spills. However, this can often be difficult to manage. With the Ride-Side, compliance is easy. The berm is available in several standard sizes. Custom sizes are also available on request, ensuring even your most difficult containment needs can be met.

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  • L-rod side walls provide rigid support and allow operators to quickly setup the Ride-Side.
  • The Ride-Side berm’s design allows it to be easily stored, relocated and setup quickly without tools.
  • Mini-ramps allow vehicles to exit the berm while keeping liquid inside the berm.
  • The berm gravity-drains quickly, through a water filter system, using drains at each corner.
  • Constructed of rugged, abrasion resistant Chem-Shield™ fabric, the standard Ride-Side berm is suitable for containment of a variety of chemicals.
  • Arctic-Shield™ fabric is also available and features chemical and fire resistance to -50F or -46C (not suitable for acids).
  • Collapsible hands-free flotation walls allow vehicles to repeatedly enter and exit the berm without manual assistance.
  • Compatible with an optional RainDrain™ or Spill Monkey filtration system that removes hydrocarbons and additives from captured water through gravity drainage.
  • Optional track belting available to protect the berm from heavy wheel damage.
  • Optional rig matting for heavy or tracked vehicles.
  • Optional eyelet patches along all sides of the berm allow the use of high-wind stakes to anchor the berm to the ground (as standard on Arctic-Shield models)


    Custom sizes available by request. Also available with a 6” or 15" wall

    Fabric Ooption 1

    Fire Resistant (FR) Arctic-Shield fabric has been specifically designed for secondary containment of fuels in cold climates and is available in two different weights, 26.5oz and 36oz. Suitable for deployment to -50 °C (-65 °F).

    Fabric Ooption 2

    Chem- Shield fabric is constructed from materials that combine excellent durability with resistance to many chemicals. Therefore, it is suitable for containment of sludge, transformer mineral oil, sulphuric acid, PCB transformer oils, 30% chlorine, ammonium hydroxide, ethanol and fertilizer.

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