RainDrain  (L-ROD)<sup>™</sup>

RainDrain (L-ROD)

Category: Water Filters

The RainDrain uses gravity to filter contaminated water through a patented medium to separate it from harmful hydrocarbons. This hardy and compact filter is ideal for draining excess run-off or rain water from berms set up for secondary containment, where oil or chemicals can often mix with it.

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Improved RainDrain: 4X Faster with 33% More Capacity

The RainDrain was good. Now, it’s great! We’ve re-imagined and improved the RainDrain hydrocarbon filter. It now delivers faster flow rates (4x faster) and 33% more capacity, at a lower price! Secondary containment berms need to remain empty of rainwater. If they are full, and there is a spill, they become an ineffective protection against environmental contamination. The RainDrain filter automatically removes rainfall and water collected inside a berm. While doing this, it also holds back hydrocarbons from the environment. It uses gravity to pass the liquid through a filter medium which pulls the hydrocarbons out of the water. This exceptional tool allows operators to safely drain overflow from their berms. With its efficient, sleek design and smart engineering, the improved RainDrain costs less but delivers more. Crucially, it has an automatic shut-off “emergency stop valve” in case of a massive spill. Because of this, the RainDrain is an essential addition for berms, or any other area prone to oil and hydrocarbon spills.

Improved RainDrain: 4X Faster with 33% More Capacity

The Commercial RainDrain model has a vinyl sleeve, making it light and transportable. This makes it ideal for sites where the filter will not come into contact with other machinery.

The Military RainDrain model has a steel sleeve. During the design phase, customers asked to to ensure the filter could be driven over in a truck and still operate. And it does!

Flow Rate

Max Flow Rate: 2.25 USGPM (8.5 LPM)

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  • Hydrocarbon selective filtration stops diesel fuel, jet fuel, gasoline and transformer oil
  • Rubber end caps for shock absorption
  • High flow rate and longer operational life
  • Easy installation within seconds
  • Ball valve with sight glass to monitor liquid levels and content
  • Hydrocarbon capacity up to 1.58 USG (6 L) of diesel fuel
  • Feed end features a 3/4” (1.9 cm) camlock inlet
  • 8 ft. chemical hose with camlock fittings
  • ¾" (1.9 cm) ball valve sight glass assembly with camlocks
  • ¾" (1.9 cm) bulkhead fitting to install on any berm (optional)

Commercial Model

Product Size in inches Weight in lbs
RainDrain Filter Kit 36 (L) x 6 (ID) 23
Replacement Filter 36 (L) x 6 (ID) 19

Military Model

Product Size in inches Weight in lbs
RainDrain Filter Kit 36 (L) x 6 (ID) 39
Replacement Filter 36 (L) x 6 (ID) 19

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