Mini Berm<sup>™</sup>

Mini Berm

Category: Spill Prevention

It is not just large tanks or heavy equipment that is subject to environmental protection regulations. Smaller items, such as individual oil cans, also need containment. Our Mini Berm is ideal for this job.

Mini berm spill trays sized right for your needs

It is not only large pillow tanks or oil tankers that need to be contained. Often there are smaller items, like a single oil drum or a pumping system, that need their own form of secondary containment. This is where our Mini Berm comes in. Foam walls support the polyurethane material for a reusable and compact solution. It is available in 14 different sizes, designed to hold standard-sized sorbent pads. As with all of our berms, we can customize the Mini Berm to the sizes you need. It also comes in four different fabric options.

An adequate secondary containment set up is a strong requirement. Non-compliance is often subject to strict fines and sanctions. The portable and compact nature of the Mini Berm, which meets EPA regulation 40CFR112.7, makes it incredibly easy for operators to carry out their responsibilities.

Looking for something more lightweight? Check out our L-Rod Insta-Berm.

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  • Resistant to fuels, oils and most chemicals including acids
  • Optional low-cost drain fitting available which allows the drainage of accumulated rainwater. Alternatively, you can connect it to a hose to pump out a spilled product
  • Optional berm handles can be attached on the sides or bottom to make liquid handling easier
  • Easily placed under valves and fittings, vehicles or machinery
  • Totally reusable and compact
  • Available in 22oz yellow and 28oz orange PVC
  • Appropriate for containment of waste water, petroleum products and various other chemicals

    Fabric Ooption 1

    Fire Resistant (FR) Arctic-Shield fabric has been specifically designed for secondary containment of fuels in cold climates and is available in two different weights, 26.5oz and 36oz. Suitable for deployment to -50 °C (-65 °F).

    Fabric Ooption 2

    Chem- Shield fabric is constructed from materials that combine excellent durability with resistance to many chemicals. Therefore, it is suitable for containment of sludge, transformer mineral oil, sulphuric acid, PCB transformer oils, 30% chlorine, ammonium hydroxide, ethanol and fertilizer.

    Fabric Ooption 1

    280z Orange PVC.

    Fabric Ooption 1

    22oz PVC.

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